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Jawaharlal Nehru became involved in Congress after the massacre at Amritsar in 1919. In 1921, Nehru was arrested and put in prison for activities associated Congress. Between 1921 and 1946, he spent 9 years in prison. When he was out of prison,Nehru had his freedom of movement heavily restricted by the British authorities.

 In 1929, partly as a result of his ability and fame and also because of Gandhi's support, Nehru became president of Congress. As a result, he became a lynchpin in the negotiations that were to take place between the British and Congress over independence. Nehru tainted hisreputation by failing to give the British full support for their campaign against the Japanese in the Far East during World War Two. However, when India was given independence in 1947, Nehru was the obvious choice for Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. 


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